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nothing is as it seems to be
This world is created technologically, based on illusions, wrong hopes, occupational career, sickness, religion, races, sex, fear, denial and lies.
Principles take place, that most of the people do not know through the forgetting within incarnations and carried out with the death.
This world is a game that was imposed on this earth.
 All what you think you know and belief is part of the game.
This game serves to capture all humans forever to deliver energy that on an unrecognised basis feeds deamons an reptiles with human energy.
Humans create the demonic power with operations within programs, that run on all humans from birth on.
Humans are transhumanoid robots that do not recognize what happened to them. That is the trick, not recognizing, not knowing,
When we start recognizing, understanding what is happening and find our knowledge within, there we find freedom.
There is only one who really knows, Thomas Veit, who wrote the book: How Gods became Monkeys.
Do you know Sananda? He was sent from the matrix to use the life story of Thomas, , to lead the humans towards new irritations, and suffer.
The YouTube channel Schöpferwissen TV, that was initiated by Thomas himself, to present the content of his first book, How Gods became Monkeys to everyone who wants to know.
In the year 2014 when we start presenting all this information in public, the probably hardest time in his life started, all details you will find within the documentation of the Video Material that is available on demand.
His life was in danger, they tried to kill him several time, he survived heard attacs, skin cancer sent murderers. He survived all this, what is also the prove for his knowledge that protects us when we are able to activate our knowledge by recognizing him by understanding his life story and his actions.
I know it sounds mystical, but I have seen all with my own eyes. 
The point is that we humans can not understand the information within this technolocially occupied world correctly.
Nowadays many truth seekers appeared on the stage, but you will recognize the liberator that the knowledge he brings, show that we all have it. This means  Deprogramming from human kind that leads to true knowledge.
The assumed knowledge of Grigori Grabovoi we detected as a new spiritual misdirection through going the way to the thailand project. Applied techniques were founded in old books about self hypnosis and mind control techniques, no similarities with the information that is transported in the books of grigori grabovoi.
In fact true information is nowhere to find because everything originates from the matrix , no wonder that this hidden power of destruction does everything to keep each human away from this unique information, thomas is sharing ..
All content that was be published in the last four years you only get access through direct contact with us …